Au pair’s morning

Dragon Education susi
        How does a typical au pair’s morning look like? Let’s present it by the example of our au pair from Germany, Solveig, and her Chinese sister PaoPao. An au pair wakes up, has some time for herself to get dressed and to have a shower, after getting ready, she goes to wake up her Chinese sister. Au pair and her Chinese sister go to the kitchen and start preparing breakfast together. They make sandwiches, wash fruit, make some tea and so on. Then they have breakfast together and this is a good way to teach Chinese sister some new English words and to practice the words she has already learnt. PaoPao does not even know that she learns something new because it so natural for her  to talk with her foreign sister in English about things which are put on the table. English learnt like this is much easier! It is great to have a foreign sister at home!