How to use chopsticks?

Dragon Education susi

Dragon Education takes care of every aspect of our au pairs’ lives. After coming to China everything is new and different for you. There is Chinese, which totally different from European languages, there are huge cities, which do not resemble European ones at all, there are different customs, traditions and the way of eating or spending the free time. But you shouldn’t be worried about anything! Our team will do everything to help you to get used to all of these new, and sometimes weird, things quickly. With our help you well get accustomed to the cultural differences without any problems! Here, Dana is teaching our new au pair from Slovakia, Rio, how to use chopsticks. Dana is showing him how to hold them, how to pick up food with them and where to put them on the table. It seems to be easy, but in fact, mastering how to use chopsticks might take some time. However, Rio is a good student and he is learning fast! Good job Rio!