Exotic food

Dragon Education susi

Our brave au pair from Holland, Pim, wants to taste some Chinese, exotic, food which is not so easy to be found in Europe. China is famous for its varied and delicious food. Sometimes one dish might have up to several various way of preparing and thus several different flavours. Some meals might be rather exotic for European, for instance chicken paws or some insects. Some dishes, coming from Sichuan cuisine, might be very spicy and they are hardly tolerated by an average European. But Pim is brave enough to taste some of these exotic dishes. First, he tries chicken paws, which maybe look a little bit terrifying, but with an addition of seasonings, they are quite tasty. Then he wants to try some spicy Sichuan dish. He orders some seafood, some meat and vegetables, all prepared in a way characteristic for Sichuan cuisine. Not only does he not complain about the food, but he also loves it very much! This is what very au pair can get in China : unforgettable memories!